Violent Crime and Murder up 25% over the Past Year

Violent Crime and Murder up 25% over the Past Year

London and the south east have been the main beneficiaries of a 71 increase to the national murder tally of 574, making it the biggest increase in thirteen years. An increase of 19% was recorded for attempted murder by police in England and Wales. This rise comes after ten years of falls in murders with other violent crimes also in the ascendant e.g. firearms offences >4% and knife crimes by about 10%. Sexual crimes rose by a third to almost 100,000 with big increases in rape 39% and 35% for other sexual offences – the highest annual increases on record. In total violence against the person offences increased by more than a quarter to just under 186,000.

Thirty children under 13 have been arrested for gun offences over the last three years. The charges include importing a prohibited weapon, possessing a shotgun with intent to endanger life and using a firearm with intent to avoid arrest. Just under 230 children aged up to 17 were arrested for matters concerning guns.

There were nearly 300 arrests for terrorism offences which is down 3% on the previous year but there has been a large increase in the number of children aged under 18 and female terrorists. International terrorism rather than domestic terrorism has seen an increase in detentions. There were about 70 arrests in the last quarter of 2015 which is up almost 50% compared to the previous quarter.


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