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How can the Solicitors Information Service work for you?

The Solicitors Information Service, is the free service established nearly 25 years ago to assist you whether you are an individual or a business find the best firms of solicitors experienced in the area of law relating to your particular legal matter.

We are independent of any particular firm and so our recommendations to you are impartial.

Current popular requests are for specialist solicitors in London, strong divorce solicitors, employment solicitors, conveyancing solicitors and family solicitors.

How does the Solicitors Information Service work for you?

  • Firstly, an adviser will interview you, confidentially, by taking relevant information about you and your case.
  • Secondly, you will be matched with a firm of solicitors which practices in the specific area of law relating to your legal needs. Firms of solicitors complete detailed Practice Information Forms providing us with an unrivalled, intimate knowledge of their particular fields of expertise and personal strengths which has been collated over many years.
  • Thirdly, you will be provided with the name, address and telephone number of the selected firm and a personal contact’s details.

If you would like to be professionally referred, at no cost to you, or have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to call us on

020 7483 4833.

Our service has been recognised in the media:-

“The Solicitors Information Service (020 7483 4833) founded in 1994, is the free professional service for people looking for firms of solicitors experienced in the area of law related to their particular legal issue or problem.

Based in central London, it is independent of the law firms and so its recommendations are impartial. In January 2009, popular requests were for family solicitors, employment solicitors and immigration solicitors.

It can help you find a solicitor to deal with any property matters. An adviser from the Solicitors Information Service will interview you, confidentially, about you and your case. The adviser will then be able to match you with a firm of solicitors that practices in the specific area of law relating to your legal needs and you will be given the contact details for that firm.”

Article: The Laws of the Land –  J.C. 2009

Some testimonials:-

“I don’t know where you’ve sprung up from but the Solicitors Information Service is very much needed.” Mrs Avis Hutt – Primrose Hill London

Employment Solicitors London

“After talking to you I feel better already; I am confident I received competent advice on the compromise settlement agreement I signed in respect of my forthcoming redundancy. Employment law is such a minefield.” Mr M –  West London

Conveyancing Solicitors London

“What a brilliant service! The sale and purchase went like a breeze; here’s to your conveyancing solicitors and to their conveyancing fees!” Mr T – Camden North London

Divorce Solicitors London

“Those divorce solicitors were so shrewd. They knew exactly how to divide both our business assets and properties taking into account the Supreme Court’s decision in Prest v Petrodel Resources Ltd and others. Situated in both north and south London they were easy to visit both from my office and my home.” Mrs A-G-C – Central London

Litigation Solicitors London

“I wanted the best commercial litigation solicitor in the country and you certainly found a tenacious heavyweight, based in the City of Westminster, amongst all of the solicitors in London.” Mr J – City of London

Family Law Solicitors London

“You recommended some strong family solicitors – real family law experts. They were particularly good at sorting out my childrens residence and contact arrangements sensitively. We need people like you.” Mrs A – South London


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