UK Court Annuls 180 Italian Divorces

UK Court Annuls 180 Italian Divorces

UK court annuls 180 Italian divorces signed up to Maidenhead mail box

Italian Divorces In Maidenhead anulled

Italian Divorces In Maidenhead annulled

A Female has been charged around EUR4,000 to arrange for couples to circumvent slow-moving Italian judicial system.

Maidenhead might, up until this week, have claimed to be the divorce capital of Italy. One hundred and eighty Italian couples whose marriages were dissolved through fictitious home in the Berkshire town have now had their divorces annulled by a British judge.

The conspiracy theory to circumvent the slow-moving Italian judicial system was officially ended on Tuesday by the president of the family division of the high court, Sir James Munby.
In a lengthy judgment (pdf) that detailed the strange scams, the judge explained how English and Welsh courts were swamped with divorce petitions from Italian couples asserting that a minimum of one partner was staying in the UK.

For the rate of around EUR4,000, a woman calling herself Dr Frederica Russo arranged to supply divorce documents for couples who wished to separate. Great deals of county courts were utilized in order to prevent and spread out the work any individual observing the duplicated use of the same address.
“The issue wased initially recognized in late February 2012 by an eagle-eyed member of the court staff at Burnley county court, Julie Farrah, who spotted that in two files, both involving Italian parties, the address was the same and that it was in Maidenhead,” Munby said.
“She brought it to the attention of district judge Conway, who contacted an associate in the Slough county court.
County courts were alerted and eventually 179 petitions using the same address were found; one Italian couple, making use of the very same technique, had actually liked to end their relationship through an address in Epsom.

“It is specific that none of them can ever have actually lived at Flat 201,” Munby included. “On 28 August 2012, policeman of the Thames Valley police carried out a search warrant. DS Steven Witts of Thames Valley cops confirms that Flat 201 was not a house or, undoubtedly, a property efficient in occupation.

“It was in fact a mailbox, mail box 201, one of a number of mailboxes found in industrial facilities. As the investigating officer in charge of the authorities investigation, DS Jonathan Groenen, mordantly commented in his witness statement: ‘It is not possible for 179 candidates or respondents to reside at this address.’ Provided the measurements of the mail box it is clear that not even a single person, however little, could possibly reside in it.”.

The divorces were prohibited, Munby stated, because the English courts were being deceived about their jurisdiction. The divorces therefore needed to be stated gap through scams even “if one or other or both of the celebrations have remarried or perhaps had a kid”.

The case will inevitably enhance nationwide stereotypes: while Hollywood film stars commemorate their nuptials in Venice, Italians choose Britain as a passion-killer.

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