Neighbour Disputes & Sir Paul McCartney

Neighbour Disputes & Sir Paul McCartney

Neighbour disputes whether concerning party walls or boundaries can incur disproportionate legal costs if advice is not sought timely from a specialist practitioner in the field.

A recent battle occurred in St John’s Wood between two neighbours of Sir Paul McCartney in Cavendish Avenue. Clive Lewis a chartered surveyor lives at 3, Brenda Fenton lives at 5 whilst Sir Paul lives at 7.

Last month a judgment in Mrs Fenton’s favour handed down at Central London County Court ordered Mr Lewis to pay her £250,000 in costs and to make alterations to his house over a gutter leak that if fixed timeously would have cost him £7000. If you add Mr Lewis’s own legal costs (barrister and solicitor) he is now facing a bill of around £500,000.

Mrs Fenton was represented by a member of the barristers’ chambers that have the strongest reputation for property issues.

We at the Solicitors Information Service can recommend solicitors in London with proven expertise in the speedy resolution of such matters.



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