Matrimonial Funds – Women Claims

Matrimonial Funds – Women Claims

A leading household law specialist has said a Court of Appeal fight brought by the former spouse of a millionaire accountant, could lead to even more females fighting over the money of their ex-husbands.

It as been stated that the case of Julia Hammans, who is battling her ex Nicholas Hammans is being viewed with great interest by household legal representatives throughout the nation.

When the couple married in the early 1980s Mrs Hammans, then a financial director of a department store made a comparable wage to her then partner.

Nevertheless, in the years whilst she gave up work to raise a family, her other half’s profession took control of and he now earns almost £1m a year, whilst her income is less than a tenth of his and now she says she is being required to offer the household home, which she has actually resided in since they split around 10 years ago.

In her legal challenge, she declares the settlement was an unfair divide of the family wealth.

Earlier this year a judge purchased she offer her £1.75 m six-bedroom the home of assist part fund her future after she had actually defended another £2.6 m from her ex-husband and was granted simply £400,000.

“There does seem a concern in this case regarding whether the award need to consist of a total up to “compensate” the wife for lost career chances as the lowered award will plainly impact her future standard of living. The concern for the Court of Appeal is whether this is fair, Simon Leach commented.

“It’s typically the way that the female suffers financially, but regardless of how the judges requirement, this topic is a complicated one, as each individual circumstance is various. However, it raises a debate about mums whose careers have suffered in order to bring up a family,” he included.

“The department of financial resources following divorce is an irritable issue, and I’m sure we will be hearing even more about this.

The judges will offer their ruling at a future date not yet decided.

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